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Welcome to my blog, www.mbanights.com!

I had been debating starting this blog for some time. Originally it was going to be a mix of management and software development, but over time this changed and gave rise to a new idea-

A blog to cover my MBA study, mangement thoughts and a small sprinkling of start-up theory

My plan just needed some additional reasons to become a reality. So when lecturer Cullen Habel suggested blogging for participation grades in MBA subject “Marketing Management” I finally had a reason to make it real. Cullen, if you are reading, thank you for giving me the push I needed. Blogging has been suprisingly enjoyable.

I hope that it will grow to become a useful resource for students, managers, leaders and entrepreneurs everywhere, in particular those studying their Masters of Business Administration.

So far the blog primarily covers concepts from Marketing and Managing Contemporary Organisations however with each subject I will add more content. In time it is hoped that all units studied in the MBA have some coverage. It will also contain my thoughts on any subject matter of relevance to management and leadership.

Feel free to participate in the comments. If you like what you see, subscribe to the RSS feed, follow my twitter handle @MBANights, bookmark it, and come back soon.

Thank you,

Andy Forbes

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