About me

I am a 35 year IT Manager working in the finance industry. I am formally trained in computer science, and I am currently studying a Master of Business Administration at Adelaide University, South Australia.

In addition to studying the MBA, I recently completed an online version of Stanford University’s Technology Entrepreneurship course. It was amazing and I found it paired very well with MBA theory. Thank you Chuck Eesley & venture-lab.org.

I think big business should look to merge traditional business theory with the more modern mantras from the start-up world.

I have a lovely wife, Eve, who encourages (and has patience for) my late nights spent studying or working.  We have two boys – Archer (5) & Oren (2.5).

My LinkedIn Profile is here http://www.linkedin.com/in/mrandrewforbes and you can email me at andy@forbessa.com

Thanks for visiting and please, let me know what you think,

8 thoughts on “About me

  1. Maybe need to set up a captcha for comments man, even with you approving them before publishing you may get some bot just spam your site with ads and crap that you then have to decline!

    • Hey Tim thanks for the comments. The current system requires I approve the first comment, and then after that you can go crazy. Yeah, a captcha style checker would help prevent its misuse… We’ll see how it goes!

  2. That’s not so bad then mate – nice clean looking site btw – perhaps a suggestion to show x number of lines of each post with a read more otherwise a lot of scrolling can be involved with just one post :)

  3. Nice to read your profile Andy.
    Why don’t you come to the MBA networking breakfasts and meet other “pro-active” MBAs from Adelaide Uni. Cullen Habe comes from time to time. Other lectures as well come along. Very informal. Sometimes we have an interesting guest speaker on a topic of relevance to MBAs.

    First Wednesday of every month, 7.30am start. East Terrace Continental (just behind the Botanic Hotel) Easy parking.



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